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Message from the Principal

Welcome to Kate S. Durdan Public School, located in Niagara Falls, Ontario within the District School Board of Niagara. It is with great pride that I invite you to browse through our website and learn more about our amazing school!

Kate S Durdan Public School is supported by a wonderful team of professionals who are committed to providing a strong academic and extra curricular program and access to the very best learning opportunities across the curriculum. We also boast of following the C.H.A.M.P. principles, which teach students to behave responsibly in the context of every school and classroom situation. Our teachers engage our students through the use of SMARTBOARD technology which is available in every classroom within the school.

Our School Council is an important part of our team effort in educating all children at Kate S. Durdan Public School. Parent and community volunteers assist our staff in a number of ways by volunteering in our classrooms as well as supporting our Parent Reaching Out Grant (PRO GRANT) and providing financial support through our fund raising efforts. We also receive support from Niagara Nutrition Partners (NNP) to support nutritional programs in our school for our students.

We extend a warm welcome to families who are new to our community and have entered our website for the first time to find out all about us. We are very pleased to be sharing the excitement of learning with our students, staff, parents and community partners and together we know that we can achieve success!

We know that you will enjoy browsing through our website over and over again!


Mrs. S. Donofrio, Principal